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Since the year 2000, Jorge has been working on the project of a lifetime :

CEM (Centre Européen de Musique),

the European Music Centre.

Forming part of grounds specially reconfigured for them, the houses of Georges Bizet, Pauline Viardot, Ivan Turgenev and Berthe Morisot will be the mainstays of Bougival's new cultural zone: The European Music Centre, a living, modern and forward-looking place conveying the emblematic, humanist values of European culture.

Rooted in one of the most fertile periods in the history of art, the CEM will be both a heritage site celebrating the artists of the Romantic period and also a music academy welcoming young artistes in training. It will provide a bridge between the 19th and 21st centuries.

As well as scheduling high level events, its goal, from its inauguration, will be to establish itself as a transversal site of reference and of music studies that is also open to other disciplines such as literature, visual arts, history, philosophy and theatre.

This will be a place where knowledge is passed on, a residence where people can stay and interact. It also aims to become a centre for research into neuro sciences and, in particular, the links between music and the brain. As such, it aims to invite regularly neuro scientists, especially those working on the powerful motor role that music can play in the assimilation of general knowledge and in the treatment of certain pathologies such as autism. So the creation of a "Music and Brain" research laboratory will be one of the CEM's major goals.

We are currently working on an English language version of our website. In the meantime, you can find all necessary information on our French language website here.

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